Funniest Jokes Ever Part 2

A Bengali babu returns from China.
Bengali asks wife: Do I look like a foreigner ?
Wife: No.
Bengali: Look carefully, do I look like a foreigner ?
Wife again replies: No.
By now Mr Bengali was fuming.
Bengali yells: All those women in China were fools. Where ever I visited, they all said: "Look a foreigner"

Haryanvi Tau: You cheated me. You sold me useless radio.

Shopkeeper: No, I sold a good radio to you.
Haryanvi Tau: Radio label shows "Made in Japan" but radio says: This is all India Radio.

Laloo and Rabri were on an African Safari when a lion suddenly dragged Rabri with his jaws.

Rabri: Shoot him, Shoot him!
Laloo: Wait! Wait! Let me change the battery of my camera.

Laloo was going to a railway line to commit suicide. He was carrying a tiffin with her.

Sardarji asked: WHY ?

Laloo replied: If the train gets late, will I remain hungry ?

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